How to make your cold messaging work on LinkedIn?

Have you ever thought about why people don’t reply to your messages, it is because you are doing the same old thing as all your competitors are doing! Isn’t that you are facing everyday?

Still Struggling with your outreach?

You want to get leads and you are not getting them. You are trying and pushing hard but haven’t yet figured out a way to get them consistently. People are blocking you and removing you from their connections or never care about your message. Am I Right?

The #1 thing that you immediately need to do is STOP all your cold messaging campaigns. I know you might be running multiple cold campaigns and turning them off. Start the authentic way. Start adding value, make your conversations valuable for them, give them away something for FREE and follow the 

Art of Selling Without Selling

Why Choose us?

Because I have helped coaches and business owners just like you to overcome these problems and create a strategy to outreach but with authenticity and giving a value approach. I have generated over $450 for all my clients in less than 8 months. I spent more than 16 months understanding LinkedIn and how to grow on this platform which helps you stand out from the crowd

Are you tired of spending those countless hours on LinkedIn cold outreaching and failing? Don’t worry because I exactly know how your pain can be as I was in your shoes a couple years back, Do you want to put in a process together that will not only help you be successful with your outreach but also start getting you inbound leads? Then this book is for you. I have got this all covered for you. This is your time and you deserve to stand out. The value that you are adding to this community is massive – it’s time that people start recognizing you and get paid what you deserve and win your dream life


Our journey wasn’t just another journey. It was special, it was emotional and felt there was a magic in the air. An 18-year-old and a 21-year-old had the mindset to help their parents pay off their debt and that’s how it started. oneHEART was a coincidence as one day Mohit was just looking for opportunities to make some passive income to help his family. He came across an individual who needed outreach services and decided to offer his services.

30 days down the line and that guy made $25k and turned out to be the biggest successful month of his business career and that’s how and when oneHEART was founded. 8 months down the line and oneHEART has generated over $450k for all of their clients and haven’t looked back since then.

But you might be wondering what has Mohit and his team actually did that brought him this success? He wanted to change the way people reach out on LinkedIn. He didn’t believe in the typical LinkedIn spammy messages. He wanted to build a market for RELATIONSHIP BASED MARKETING. He always believes that the outreach methods should be changed and outreach should be more authentic and always focus on solving their ideal audience’s biggest problems. And that’s how it all started and oneHEART was able to succeed and able to see results.

What Do We Do?

We help Coaches and CEO's get more Clients by Customizing and Organizing the process and saving their time.


There are a couple of options based upon where you’re at right now:

1 – You’re already operating your own business and you’re looking to get your time back while simultaneously scaling, growing your team, and increasing your revenue

2 – Your business is already operating smoothly, and you’re looking to increase your impact by further establishing your personal brand.

Who We Work With:

With a success of 91% we have been able to serve clients from different industries who are passionate about changing the world. Our mission at Oneheart is to make outreach simple enough for everyone so they can have a consistent stream of clients no matter what industry they are in or what niche they serve. To name a small few, this could be:

  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • CEO’s
  • B2B Business Owners
  • Advisors

Benefits Of Working With Us:

This part really depends upon which stage of business you come to us with.

✔️ If you’re brand new to the business, then you will have your first 5-10 high-paying online clients as well as your entire business set-up in a scalable manner

✔️ If you’ve already been operating a business but want to move online, you’ll be equipped with the proper online systems and the ability to leverage your time

✔️ If you’re already scaling online, we’ll work with you to reach out to your target audience and help you gain more visibility and grow your biz from there

What's In it for you?

  • Working with us you will get 45 Qualified leads with relationship based LinkedIn Outreach. 
  • You will be able to build a credible brand and put your word out to your target audience. 
  • You will have a professional and a branded landing page to attract your target market.
  • You will be able to have an organized and a systematic process in place that will get you a consistent flow of leads every month. 
  • You will get 4-5 hours of time back in your daily life and still keep getting leads on autopilot. 
  • You will have a dedicated backend team to support you and solve your issues. 
  • You will have the opportunity to have weekly challenges with us to test your skills and amplify your results. 

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